And Now, A Little Something Personal

So I bake.  So what.  Some random person out there in New England is baking in her apartment.  Yeah? And? 

It’s not just about baking.  It’s about life.  I’m out here, struggling with my weight, struggling with family issues, struggling with money, and enjoying my first year of marriage.  But who am I?

That is a story for my memoirs…yeah right.  In short, I’m an over-weight, 32 year old, executive assistant with a bachelors degree, married to a woman, and is currently estranged from her parents. 

With the new year starting I think about all the years I made resolutions and blew them off.  Last year was no exception.  However, this year we have real goals, immediate goals.  This is the year, THE YEAR!  We will start a family, we will pay down debt, we will get more active, we will take steps to realizing our dream of owning our own coffee-shop and bakery.   Personally, I will try to make better food decisions.  More salads and less steak.  I will try to add meditation back into my routine.  I will try to read all the books I’ve bought that have sat on shelves, made moves almost across the country to stay by my bedside, just in case!  I will try to keep our apartment clean, not just on weekends.  I will try to be a better wife, more listening, more giving, more understanding.  I will stop being a peacekeeper, giving in and compromising just to keep everyone else happy.

Does any of that sound familiar? 

And currently, besides all that, I’m baking.  I’m not great at it, I’m perhaps passable.  My loaves are lumpy, my baguettes are bulgy, and my boules are ballooning.  But I’ll get there, and this time I won’t give up and add this to my long list of resolutions that I don’t keep.

What resolutions are you making this?